Like the rest of the MMA world, UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks was tuned in on Saturday night when middleweight Chris Weidman stopped former champion Anderson Silva with strikes. Though Hendricks hopes he scores a similar result on November 16 at UFC 167 when he faces Georges St-Pierre, the 29-year old contender isn’t interested in leaving any question marks about the victory as was the case due to the impact Silva’s showboating had on the tilt’s outcome.

“You train, you do everything, you’ve done everything that you could, and to know that your boss believes in you that you can beat Georges St-Pierre means everything. That’s just confidence that you can shock the world,” said Hendricks to MMAFightCorner of his own title-shot. “The only difference is Georges won’t have his hands down. I want to knock him out, but I want his hands to be up. I want to punch people’s hands and I wanna lay him out the right way.”

Like Weidman, Hendricks will also enter the match-up believing he will truly be the man to dethrone a longtime divisional king.

“The most important thing is that I believe that’s my belt. He’s just holding onto it for me,” stated the 15-1 Hendricks after admitting it wasn’t always to maintain his confidence when considering the challenge in front of him.

St-Pierre has come out with his hand raised in eleven consecutive clashes including eight bouts featuring his belt on the line. He holds an overall record of 24-2 with career highlights including wins over Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Jon Fitch, Carlos Condit, and most recently Nick Diaz.