Add heavyweight Mark Hunt to the growing group of UFC fighters, past and present, concerned with competitor pay in comparison to the amount of money the organization is bringing in daily. Hunt took to Facebook this week where he expressed his frustration.

“This is really crap, man. I need a pay (raise). How can some of these other goons get more than me? Been cheated again,” vented Hunt. “Why would anyone want to be a UFC fighter if this is how much we get paid?”

Hunt’s specific salary wasn’t mentioned though he did allude to a report from MMA Manifesto as being fairly accurate. On the list he was shown to have made around $537,000 over six Octagon appearances including three performance-based bonuses accounting for $175,000 of the figure.

The 39-year old Hunt is currently in the process of recovering from a few health-related matters. He was last seen losing via knockout to Junior dos Santos at UFC 160.

Middleweight Tim Kennedy recently came forward with statements similar to Hunt’s, saying a career as a trash man would be a more lucrative endeavor than being in his current position. Kennedy quickly backed off the comments and implied corporate pressure had inspired him to come to his senses.