UFC President Dana White had a lot of praise to offer new middleweight champion Chris Weidman last night after the polished 29-year old handed former title-holder Anderson Silva the first knockout loss of his storied career. Still, while White was complimentary of Weidman’s accomplishment, the underlying theme to his take on the UFC 162 main event had more to do with Silva’s decision to showboat than the New Yorker’s ability to seal the deal.

“If he would’ve got serious and really tried to finish that fight, who knows what could have happened. But hats off to Weidman. Weidman kept his composure through everything…didn’t freak out, didn’t start goofing around back…kept his composure, kept throwing punches, kept trying to finish the fight and eventually did,” said White in an interview with Fuel TV.

Asked to elaborate on his initial statement, White explained, “There’s no doubt about it. He lost this fight because he got clipped with a hard punch to the chin while clowning around.”

“People who were here to cheer him on were cheering the other way when he got knocked out. That’s what clowning around does for you,” added the outspoken executive.

“He’s the greatest of all time. I figured he knew what the hell he was doing,” White joked in conclusion. “Who am I to question what he’s doing?”

White also mentioned the likelihood of a rematch being booked despite Silva’s comments about focusing on a future outside of the division, stating he thought “The Spider” was just trying to throw people off about his next move.

The full interview with White can be seen below: