Going into UFC 162, middleweight Chris Weidman was seen as the sport’s best hope of stopping Anderson Silva’s title-reign based on his takedowns and top control. However, in the end it was Weidman’s stand-up ending Silva’s evening after the NEW champion caught “The Spider” slipping during a sequence of showboating and put him down for the count.

While the manner of result may not have come exactly as predicted, the unbeaten Weidman wasn’t surprised by how things developed after envisioning the same scenario unfolding countless times before.

“I’ve imagined being in this situation over and over again since I’ve got in MMA. This was my goal. It felt like my destiny,” said an excited Weidman to the post-event crew of Fuel TV. “It felt like my time, but no matter how many times you play it over in your head it still feels far-fetched. You try to reel it in closer and closer but it’s still far-fetched.”

“To be here right now with the belt on this table is an amazing feeling,” he concluded.

The victory improved Weidman’s record to 10-0 and was Silva’s first inside the Octagon.

The full interview with Weidman can be seen below: