Former UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva is widely seen as one of the greatest fighters to ever grace the cage, though few would argue his performance last night at UFC 162 was anything close to legendary. In the evening’s headliner, Silva squared off against Chris Weidman, attempting to bait the undefeated grappler to strike with him by dancing around and dropping his hands. Weidman bit, but blew Silva away with powerful, precise striking to become the new divisional king.

Silva spoke about his performance at the post-event press conference, admitting he’d taken the wrong approach to taking out Weidman.

“I always say I do my best and I feel tonight I did my best. I tried to induce Chris into playing my game and that didn’t work,” explained Silva. “He threw some shots that landed. I got caught, so obviously my gameplan didn’t work tonight. I can’t make any excuses.”

The 38-year old also addressed criticism about his actual desire to beat Weidman with some fans even going so far as to state he threw the tilt.

“I would never fight a fight to lose. I trained four months for this fight to win this fight,” said Silva. “It is what happened. I lost the fight. A fight’s a fight.”

The defeat snapped Silva’s sixteen-fight run in the Octagon and was his first legitimate loss since late 2004. Also notable, it was the first time he’d ever been stopped with strikes in a career spanning 38 scraps.

The full clip with Silva can be seen below: