38-year old UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva may not have enough gas in the tank to complete his ten-fight contract but it is clear “The Spider” has a lot to earn if successful in even making it halfway through the deal. Silva was already one of the organization’s highest paid fighters prior to his recent re-signing and is likely #1 altogether now.

According to Bleacher Report, Silva is set to receive $600,000 to show tonight at UFC 162 with another $200,000 promised if victorious. That, of course, does not count the percentage of PPV revenue he’ll undoubtedly receive as well.

Meanwhile, opponent Chris Weidman will only make a paltry sum in comparison at $24,000/$24,000.

Other athletes listed included co-headliners Frankie Edgar ($120,000/$120,000) and Charles Oliveira ($21,000/$21,000).