Most fighters would be a bit wary of an opponent like UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva. Then again, top contender Chris Weidman is trying to show the only thing he has in common with Silva’s past opponents has to do with weight when he fights Silva tomorrow night in the UFC 162 headliner.

The unbeaten challenger’s positive attitude and confidence have been on display since Day 1, indicating Weidman won’t be intimidated by a competitor most feel is the greatest of all time.

“I have a lot to showcase, and I’m excited. Against Anderson Silva, I get to demonstrate what I’ve been doing in the gym and what I’ve been dying to show other people,” said Weidman in a recent interview with MMAJunkie. “It’s a huge platform for me to come out looking like ‘The Man.’”

“I’m in there to win this fight, and that’s it,” he concluded. “I’m going for the finish. There’s nothing he could do or say that’s going to stop me. He’s just another guy to me that I’m trying to tear through.”

Of course, regardless of what Weidman says, Silva is anything but “another guy” given his career. The 38-year old Brazilian is 33-4 including sixteen victories in the Octagon and wins over many of the top middleweights in MMA. Likewise, at 9-0 and with seemingly limitless potential, Weidman is no slouch either, making for what should be an entertaining match-up come showtime.