UFC light heavyweight Gegard Mousasi has expressed interest in returning to the cage as a 185er when he finishes healing up from a knee injury and already knows who he wants to fight – Vitor Belfort. Unfortunately, Belfort quickly made it clear he wasn’t interested in action against “The Dreamcatcher”, feeling as though Mousasi doesn’t deserve an opportunity at middleweight he hasn’t necessarily earned in the Octagon.

As might be expected, Belfort’s dismissal of the challenge didn’t sit right with the former Strikeforce champion who has since decided to respond. According to a report on UFC Tonight citing Mousasi’s camp, booking the two for a tilt wouldn’t be the first time the UFC acted in a similar manner while pointing to Belfort’s recent shot at the light heavyweight title as an example.

Also, Mousasi claimed Belfort had turned down a catch-weight clash before either had signed with Zuffa. Interestingly enough, Belfort inked an offer to return to the UFC after a lengthy break from the organization and fought Rich Franklin at 195 pounds rather than in a traditional division.

With 185-pound champ Anderson Silva already granted a rematch if he loses his gold to Chris Weidman this weekend at UFC 162 and eying a super-fight with Jon Jones if successful, Belfort may indeed need to consider other options. If so, by making things personal by questioning Belfort’s character, Mousasi may just get what he wants after all.