UFC middleweight Chris Weidman is extremely confident entering his bout this weekend with champion Anderson Silva and has been since the first day he strapped on a pair of gloves to give MMA a go. One example of Weidman’s well-documented supreme self-assurance involves an anecdote from UFC President Dana White recalling the unbeaten contender apologizing in advance for ruining rumored rumbles between Silva and divisional kings Georges St-Pierre/Jon Jones.

White’s story about Weidman’s claims was definitely good for a smirk or even snicker when it first surfaced and, as evident in a recent Countdown feature for UFC 162, Silva also found it fairly amusing.

“This fight won’t change anything. A fight against Georges St-Pierre is a Super Fight. It’s not St-Pierre and Weidman. He just got here,” laughed Silva. “Here’s a Super Fight: Jon Jones and Anderson Silva. It’s another level.”

“He’s going to have his chance. I respect him as an athlete, but he is not going to change anything. The Super Fights will still go on. His comments are embarrassing,” he concluded.

Silva is 16-0 in the Octagon in comparison to Weidman’s 9-0 career mark. If victorious, Silva’s performance will improve his record for consecutive title-defenses to eleven.

Check out the full UFC 162 Countdown clip below: