It’s been more than two years since MMA legend Randy Couture stepped in the Octagon but, thanks to Bellator: Fight Master, “The Natural” still has an opportunity to battle it out with two of the sport’s stars plus one of the greatest minds to ever grace a gym. It’s a dynamic the 50-year old is thankful for, especially given the differences between the quartet of competitors.

“Having four coaches involved, all from varying backgrounds and skill sets and experience levels, creates a whole other layer of interest for the fans. We’re all so different,” explained Couture in a recent interview with CNNSI. “You talk about Joe Warren. He was a world champion wrestler and a world champion in the Bellator cage. He’s relatively green and new to the coaching experience. But Joe’s kind of a nice surprise, kind of the wild card of the bunch. He’s got such a gregarious personality, and it comes through in everything he does.

“It comes down to what works for a fighter. I’m a little more conservative and a little more refined, through 15 years of experience in mixed martial arts and coaching. Frank Shamrock has a unique approach to things,” he continued. “And then there’s Greg Jackson, who’s coached several champions in the sport and runs a very successful training center in Albuquerque. Greg is certainly a strong philosophical presence. So there are a lot of contrasts between the coaches.”

Fans tuning in to the first two episodes have no doubt noted the banter between team-heads ranging from playful ribbing to attempted sabotage. Couture made it clear more of the same can be expected throughout the season given each man’s desire to own bragging rights over the others.

“All of us are competitive people. Are we going to be stepping into the cage and punching each other anytime soon? Probably not. But we don’t like to lose at anything we do,” said Couture. “That’s just kind of how were wired, and that comes out on the show. We’re all confident in our abilities as athletes and as coaches, and we’re all in this to win it. We all want to have the last guy standing.”

Bellator: Fight Master can be seen Wednesday nights at 10:00 PM EST on Spike TV.