UFC middleweight Chris Weidman has been a popular pick to win Saturday night when he faces champion Anderson Silva in the UFC 162 headliner. Not only has the unbeaten grappler earned support from fans, but a number of his fellow fighters have pointed to Weidman as the man to dethrone the longstanding divisional king. Though Weidman obviously believes in his own chances of beating Silva, the 29-year old contender is still appreciative of positive feedback he’s seen from folks during the final build up to this weekend’s bout.

“I was kind of getting the feeling a lot of fighters were picking me. It’s awesome that my peers see something in me that I could beat the greatest of all-time. I see it myself, but it gives me a little extra boost of confidence when other guys are seeing it too,” explained Weidman in an interview with MMAJunkie. “Most of them are not even in the gym with me. They’re just going based off my fights. I think the guys that are in the gym with me feel that even more.”

Outside of predicting victory, Weidman wasn’t able to offer any additional insight on exactly how he expects to end Silva’s sixteen-fight winning streak inside the Octagon. However, he did make one promise.

“I can’t really tell you exactly what’s going to happen; I wish I could. But I’m going in there to finish the fight. I’m going in there to finish it fast,” stated the self-assured Weidman.

The 9-0 Weidman will be looking for his sixth win in the UFC come showtime. Six of his instances of overall success have come via some form of stoppage.