UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks still has more than four months to wait before finally getting his hands on champion Georges St-Pierre but you better believe he’s already in the midst of preparing for the tilt. Though Hendricks is making sure to avoid overexerting himself in the gym, he’s started game-planning for GSP and believes he has a significant advantage over the title-holder when it comes to paths to victory.

“I know exactly what Georges is. He’s a jab guy and a takedown guy. He’s going to lay on top of you as long as he can. He’s going to try and control the clock. He’s going to try and get you as tired as he can as quickly as possible. That’s Georges,” said Hendricks in a recent interview with Inside MMA. “Me, on the other hand, you don’t know. Am I going to knock you out? Am I going to take you down? Am I going to let you back to your feet? I know I can take Georges down and I know I can keep him off my legs.”

Hendricks, a two-time collegiate champion in wrestling, has shown significant knockout power throughout his six-year career thanks to a particularly devastating left hand. However, the 15-1 contender is going into his showdown with St-Pierre packing another weapon.

“I went and tested it on a power meter, and I’m only like 15 points off from my left hand with my right hand. I’m getting more confidence in my right hand, and I don’t give myself as much credit (as I should),” explained Hendricks. “My left hand, I know it has the power. My right hand, I know it has the power. Hopefully I can touch GSP and finish him with that. I want to hit him in the face. I want to knock him out.”

Eight of Hendricks’ wins have come via strike-based stoppage including those against Amir Sadollah, Martin Kampmann, and Jon Fitch. He and St-Pierre are set to headline UFC 167 on November 16 in Las Vegas.