As popular as Anderson Silva may be, the UFC middleweight champion is still a polarizing figure based on the way he occasionally carries himself in and out of the Octagon. Though Silva isn’t one to talk trash, he showboats against overmatched opponents, is fairly flashy, and has even stooped to acts like shoulder-bumping Chael Sonnen at weigh-ins based on a personal rivalry.

Renzo Gracie recently served as a voice for critics of “The Spider”, saying Silva could use a lesson in respect when it comes to some of his behavior.

“Anderson is a guy that rubs many people the wrong way. He’s not a humble guy. Even though he may speak humbly when he talks, when he is in the ring he doesn’t act humble,” said Gracie to The Fight Network. “He puts down his opponents. He acts in a way, that again, we always know what is right and what is wrong, and by looking at that we know it’s wrong. It’s like you can beat your opponent, but do it with respect.”

Of course, being that he helps coach current to contender Chris Weidman, there’s no doubt Gracie is hoping the unbeaten challenger will be the one to deliver it. The two are scheduled to serve as the main event next Saturday night at UFC 162.