UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey doesn’t like fellow fighter Bryan Caraway and isn’t afraid to say it. Rousey’s issues with Caraway began last year during the build up to a bout between “Rowdy” Ronda and Miesha Tate, Caraway’s longtime girlfriend. In an infamous string of Tweets, Caraway addressed a challenge from Rousey by promising extreme violence if the two ever actually faced off in a cage and, understandably, the two have butted heads ever since.

Though time has passed, the heat between the two remains on full blast and was once again evident in a MetroPCS chat Rousey recently did with fans when she was asked to name a male she’d like to fight.

“People ask me this question all the time and it’s the same answer all the time,” responded Rousey. “I would love to beat the sh*t out of Bryan Caraway, but apparently it’s not legal. And he seems like the kind of b*tch that would sue me.”

Rousey and Caraway obviously aren’t likely to clash in the physical sense at any point in the future. However, chances are their rivalry will be on display come TUF 18 when Rousey/Tate are in close quarters due to their respective coaching roles.