UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva recently admitted he had little to fight for from a professional standpoint. After all, the 38-year old has shattered numerous records during his impressive run in the organization, is a multi-millionaire, and owns status as the sport’s pound-for-pound king. However, he is driven to compete by a force more powerful than any paycheck – love.

Silva not only finds pleasure in testing himself on a primal level, but he also understands what the sport and his career mean to the people of Brazil. “The Spider” recently spoke with the UFC while putting in some time on the ground alongside Fabricio Werdum, pointing to BJJ as a major part of the legacy he is trying to live up to.

“I think Brazil has a history which contributed a lot to the world’s MMA. The Gracie family was a great part of it,” explained Silva. “Independently of being one style inside MMA, Jiu-jitsu is our inheritance, left by master Carlson Gracie. By grand masters Carlos Gracie and Helio Gracie. These people left this inheritance for all of us who have participated in the evolution of Vale Tudo into MMA.”

“The history of Brazilian MMA has helped the UFC to grow. It helped the sport to grow. The evolution has been so immense that we see it by the size of the machine that the UFC has become. And today the UFC promotes the sport worldwide. Now we are continuing the story of this Brazilian tradition through MMA,” he concluded.

Silva will test both his BJJ and all-around skills next weekend at UFC 162 when he faces unbeaten challenger Chris Weidman.

The full feature with Silva can be seen below: