Recently retired UFC heavyweight Shane Carwin won’t be taking to the Octagon anytime soon but he also won’t be walking away from Mixed Martial Arts entirely either simply because he’s no longer an active competitor. Carwin recently announced he’d taken a job as Vice President of Fighter Development at Prize Fighting Championship in Colorado.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity. I always remember fighting and wishing I had someone to talk to that had gone through the ranks, made it to the UFC and retired successfully. It always seemed like promoters, managers, armchair fighters and trainers were giving me advice from every direction,” explained Carwin in a public statement. “The fighters and trainers will be more than welcome to call me. I hope I can give these fighters a roadmap for success in life. Along with that, I hope to bridge the gap between the promoter and the fighters. If the fighters and trainers are happy and performing, the sky is the limit for them and PFC.”

The organization is still relatively new and has only put on two shows to date. The next PFC event is scheduled for July 13 in Denver.

The 38-year old Carwin hung his gloves up last month for health-related reasons. He was 12-2 in his career with all of his wins featuring some form of finish.