The fight for Mixed Martial Arts to be legalized in New York continues to rage on, seeing the finish line pulled a little further back every time the sport seems ready to cross it. While the Culinary Union and local politicians have shouldered the bulk of the blame for the issue continually coming up short, former UFC fighter Jason Miller has a different opinion regarding the issues with regulation.

“I already know why it’s not legal in NY, Dana White. You keep blocking every attempt at a fighters union, firing everyone who suggests one,” wrote Miller on Twitter in a message directed at the UFC President. “The unions are headquartered in NYC, and you can’t get in without bowing your head to them. Your inflated ego won’t allow you so you resort to getting smart people to write spin-propaganda, painting them in a bad light, while your monopoly marches on.”

White has yet to respond to Miller’s comments.

MMA’s chances of seeing light this year were recently shot down when a vote failed to pass. RM Sports contacted UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner who said, “We’re very disappointed but not surprised. I know if the bill was able to get to the Assembly floor we had the votes. New York open for business is a slogan I see on television but not for MMA. We’ll be back next year and keep up the fight.”