UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva is by most accounts the greatest Mixed Martial Artist to ever grace the sport. However, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible.

Fans will have a chance to find out how human “The Spider” is on July 6 when he faces top contender Chris Weidman in headlining action at UFC 162. Weidman’s wrestling is seen as a major threat to Silva’s reign as divisional king, though only a fool would doubt the Brazilian’s ability to outclass his unbeaten adversary.

The two recently faced off on a conference call with media. As usual, Five Ounces of Pain was on the line and relaying results back to our readers as things unfolded in real time.

Read below for a rundown of the call:

Anderson Silva:

– Believes a fight is a fight regardless of who the favorite is
– “Win or lose I’ve already done everything there is to do. No I do what I love to do.”
– Believes B.J. Penn is the greatest fighter in MMA history then Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and Royce Gracie
– Will never forget his UFC debut against Chris Leben and is very thankful for having had the opportunity
– Still wants to box Roy Jones Jr.
– Credits Silva for his “mental game”
– Supports the protesters’ cause in Brazil as long as it remains peaceful
– Will not actually speak out himself
– Isn’t sure he’ll actually complete his ten-fight deal but it’s possible
– Denies speaking to Dana White after UFC 159 about a fight with Jon Jones
– “A loss and a win always walk side by side.”
– Doesn’t care how others weigh his chances against Weidman
– Worked with Andre Galvao to help with his BJJ
– Weidman’s age doesn’t matter as far as making for a tougher challenge
– Was tough seeing “Minotauro” Nogueira lose and get injured but is not willing to tell him its time to retire

Chris Weidman:

– Hasn’t been bothered by the extra media attention
– Was originally frustrated by Silva not wanting to fight him but things “happened for a reason”
– Worked with Stephen Thompson to get used to Silva’s “unorthodox striking”
– Says takedowns are the “obvious answer” to his success but he feels he has other ways to win
– “I’ve definitely been a big fan of Anderson’s since I got to this sport…I love watching the guy fight.” / “It’s always a pleasure to watch and I definitely admire him.”
– “I know what kind of mindset I need to have when I walk in that cage…the biggest thing is to stay confident, just relax…”