UFC welterweight Nick Diaz dipped his toes in the other side of the business he made a name for himself in with a live event from Nick Diaz Promotions this past weekend. The card – WAR MMA – was offered at a “pay what you want” price online and provided some decent entertainment for fans in need of a fix on Saturday night.

Diaz stayed quiet throughout the entire process, avoiding media as he’s known to do, but did take some time to talk to The Record about his recent endeavor. Overall, Diaz seemed pleased by how the process had unfolded but unsure as to whether or not he wanted to repeat it.

“We’re happy; everyone seemed to enjoy it. I have a very good team working with me. I didn’t call all the shots, but I OK’d things and knew what I wanted,” explained Diaz, adding on his future as a promoter, “I have no set plans at this time. We’ll get together and lay everything out, and discuss it. Then we’ll go from there.”

The 29-year old Californian did not comment on his next move as a Mixed Martial Artist. He is currently “retired” for the second consecutive time after taking issue with a bout’s result.

WAR MMA went down in Diaz’s homebase of Stockton, California and involved twelve tilts including a main event match-up featuring UFC veteran Daniel Roberts falling on the scorecards to regional product Justin Baesman.