Friday night, June 21, at the Rave Eagles Club Grand Ballroom in Milwaukee, young amateur fighter Ode “The Oddity” Osbourne (0-0) will have his debut bout on a highly anticipated Resurrection Fighting Alliance 8 card. Osbourne will enter the cage to take on Jesse Fisher (0-0) for his first MMA fight. Fisher will also be entering the cage for his MMA debut. The inaugural fight for the career of both fighters will take place at bantamweight.

Osbourne fights out of Waukesha-MMA gym, under owner/head trainer Reese Shaner.  “The Oddity” has only been training a little more than a year. After a scheduled fight on the King of the Cage got cancelled due to opponent pulling out, he finally lands another bout on the RFA 8 undercard.

The young talented fighter earned his nick name his from Coach Shaner. Shaner found it odd how quickly Ode picked up the various skills required to be successful in MMA. Hence, how the Ode “The Oddity” Osbourne came about.

It is no surprise though how quickly Osbourne obtained skills he learned. The intelligent and extremely athletic 135-pounder has a strong background in wrestling. His lighting speed surprises opponents on their feet and his power controls foe’s while he smoothers them on the ground.

The Waukesha-MMA fighter has an extensive background in wrestling, finishing as a state-place winner at William T. Dwyer High school in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Ode is a strong student-mentality which is allowing him to learn at a fast pace in the areas he isn’t too familiar with such as Jiu Jitsu.

“I found my niche,” said Osbourne, referring to his upcoming MMA endeavor. Working with Ben Tomes, Osbourne’s College wrestling coach, and Reese Shaner, the head trainer at Waukesha-MMA-Gym, expect a well-rounded fighter full of heart that displays strong technical striking.

Expect a short fight that might get into the third round by chance, as Ode “Oddity” Osbourne expects to finish his opponent Jesse Fisher. The confident Waukesha resident leaves it all in the cage while at battle. “The Oddity” will show his hard work off to the massive crowd in Milwaukee. His relentless ambition will translate into success, chalking up his first slash in the win column.

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.
-John Wooden