A popular opinion floating around these days relates to the likelihood of unbeaten UFC title-contender Chris Weidman serving as the man to finally dethrone middleweight champion Anderson Silva when the two tussle at UFC 162. From fans to fighters, a good number of people believe Weidman’s wrestling and well-rounded skill-set will be too much for Silva to handle. However, don’t expect to see divisional peer Tim Boetsch expressing similar sentiments.

In Boestch’s mind, Weidman’s lack of overall seasoning will hurt him next month when he meets with Silva and ultimately result in another successful showing from “The Spider”.

“I’m happy for Chris that he got what he asked for, but I think he’s going to find out he should have taken a little more time to get there, a little more experience,” explained Boetsch in an interview with Bleacher Report. “It would be a surprise for me if he won.”

“I think Weidman has the tools to do it, but with the experience and Anderson just being the greatest fighter in the world I think he’s going to hang onto that title for a little bit longer,” he continued, adding an expected caveat. “…until I get there to take it away from him.”

Before worrying about a future fight with Silva, the 16-5 Boestch will have his own hands full on July 6 when he mixes it up with Mark Munoz. The bout will be his first since falling via TKO to Costa Philippou last December.