Mixed Martial Arts is a sport ripe with danger. After all, the basic premise involves one individual attempting to damage another to the point he/she scores a stoppage or does enough harm to earn the judges’ favor. However, as evident from recent comments from WSOF lightweight Jacob Volkmann, competitors also have to occasionally worry about health-related issues before the cage door even closes.

According to Volkmann, his WSOF 3 bout with Lyle Beerbohm could have fallen apart at the last minute if not for his ability to cover up a somewhat scary medical situation occurring a day before the tilt took place.

“The maid knocks on my door and keeps on knocking, and I [thought], ‘I’d better not get up too fast.’ So I got up and walked toward the door, and by the time I got my hand on the door, I blacked out,” explained Volkmann in an interview with Sherdog Radio. “Next thing I remember, I was shaking on the floor, having seizures.”

“I banged my head, and I must have hit my back on the door handle,” he continued, going on to explain his rationale. “I didn’t tell anybody, because I didn’t want them to say I couldn’t fight because I just had a seizure. I had bills to pay, so I really didn’t have a choice.”

Volkmann went on to win the fight by way of decision and made it clear he currently feels fine. The triumph improved his career mark to 16-4 and was his first victory outside of the UFC in four years.