Despite his attempt to slide into a spot currently occupied by T.J. Grant, it looks like UFC lightweight Anthony Pettis will not be ready to fight again in time to take on champion Benson Henderson at UFC 164. Pettis had expressed hope in the possibility of healing up from a torn meniscus in time for the August 31 tilt but, according to multiple sources, “Showtime” will be shelved for the next six weeks, cutting it too close to the card to take the risk of letting him compete.

ESPN was first to report the timetable for Pettis’ return.

Pettis was originally scheduled to face featherweight title-holder Jose Aldo on August 3 at UFC 163 but injured his knee while training in Brazil during a stint in the country aimed at promoting the bout. He quickly called for the shot at Henderson, pointing to the event unfolding in his hometown of Milwaukee and belief in his ability to recover quicker than expected. However, based on today’s news, the 26-year old’s confidence was clearly misplaced.