Last weekend’s lineup for UFC 161 produced some solid entertainment but, as always, it came at a cost. Fortunately, it appears the price wasn’t too high, as it looks like none of the fighters suffered any sort of serious injury based on a list of suspensions compiled by the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission. However, that’s not to say fans can expect the entire lot to be back in action without some time off to lick their wounds.

According to the regulatory board, six of the evening’s athletes received indefinite suspensions. No specific afflictions were listed, but based on the competitors involved it seems superficial damage were the main culprit in terms of the sentences handed out.

Specifically, Edwin Figueroa, Dustin Pague, Ryan Jimmo, Pat Barry, Sam Stout, and Rashad Evans will have to spend at least a few weeks on the sidelines. Meanwhile, every other fighter on the card got a mandatory two-week vacation for precautionary reasons.