MMA fans took a punch to the gut last week when Anthony Pettis went down with injury, causing the cancellation of a highly anticipated outing against UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo. Though Pettis is clearly unable to fight in early August, it appears he could take to the cage later in the month and, as chance would have it, a lightweight title-fight is already scheduled for his hometown on August 31.

“I can be 100% ready to fight Benson Henderson in Milwaukee,” said Pettis to Fuel TV. “With all due respect to T.J. Grant, Milwaukee is my town, and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years.”

While Pettis is confident about his ability to compete at UFC 164, UFC President Dana White doesn’t share his enthusiasm.

“Anthony Pettis came today and was telling Ariel Helwani he’s going to be ready by the end of August, which is not true,” explained White to MMAJunkie. “He talked to a doctor, and the doctor said he’s out for a good six weeks and he needs a good (physical) therapist and he needs to get his knee back. That’s what a doctor said. He talked to a therapist in Milwaukee who told him three weeks. I could give a sh*t what the therapist in Milwaukee thinks – I’m listening to the doctor. And I’m going to fly him out to Las Vegas to see Dr. Steven Saunders, too, for a second opinion.”

Grant is currently scheduled to face Henderson. Pettis-Henderson faced off years ago in WEC with “Showtime” getting the better of the current divisional king. The bout was also home to his infamous “Showtime Kick” off the fence.