UFC President Dana White hasn’t had a lot nice things about welterweight Jon Fitch, especially in the wake of the former title-contender’s release and subsequent statements about the way he was treated during his eight-year run in the organization. As such, a window of opportunity was opened last night when Fitch was choked unconscious less than a minute into his WSOF 3 match-up with Josh Burkman. However, rather than kick Fitch while down, White directed a string of insults towards one of the bout’s other participants.

“Thank god Josh has class and stopped because that f*cking idiot Mazzagatti had NO CLUE what was going on,” posted White on The Underground shortly after the scrap’s conclusion.

The assessment echoed White’s words on Twitter.

“Mazzagatti is a clueless idiot who will hurt someone and continue to ruin guy’s legacies,” wrote White. “NSAC needs to seriously do something!! When you have been a ref that long and still don’t know what you are doing its time to go away!!!!!”

As fans who tuned in to see the bout also likely noticed, referee Steve Mazzagatti was in poor position to observe the action ultimately leading to Fitch falling asleep and the two were only separated once Burkman decided to stand up. Mazzagatti has been the target of White’s criticism on numerous occasions in the past as well based on similarly shady stoppages and other questionable decisions in the cage.

Mazzagatti has yet to respond to White’s remarks or his take on the finishing sequence.