UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort doesn’t like talking about Testosterone Replacement Therapy based on the controversy attached to the process but, after thinking about the matter some more in the wake of his recent win over Luke Rockhold, “The Phenom” has changed his tune. Though Belfort certainly isn’t apologizing for his TRT use, he wants fans to understand there’s much more to the situation than on the surface.

Belfort recently sat down with MMAJunkie where he went into detail about his need for TRT, stating he’d prefer to fight without the hassle if physically possible.

“For the fight with Rockhold, I did seven blood tests. I did one every week. I have records of all of them,” explained Belfort. “Some of the results are even lower than they should be, and the doctor said, ‘You should probably increase,’ and I said, ‘No, I don’t want to get to a level that’s bad for me.’”

“I have the receipts, too; sometimes the blood work cost over $1,000,” he continued. “Dealing with hormones is something you don’t control. It’s inside you. I wish I could not be doing this. Waking up and putting a needle in your arm, I don’t like it. It’s annoying to me. But it’s become part of my system, just like someone treating diabetes or some other condition. I don’t like it, but this is something I have to do for treatment, and I’m not ashamed. Everything is legal, and I want people to know what it is.”

“Everybody talks, talks, talks. But nobody really knows,” he concluded. “Sometime we have a tendency to judge or criticize. Most people who do that, maybe they just don’t know. I hope just explaining everything can let people know.”

The 36-year old’s victory against Rockhold was his second straight instance of success by way of knockout with Michael Bisping serving as Belfort’s other victim. He has not been linked to any bouts since, though it is possible he could receive a title-shot depending on how things unfold in July at UFC 162 between champ Anderson Silva and top contender Chris Weidman.