Welterweight Lyman Good has been a part of Bellator since the organization’s inception and even wore divisional gold for a time. However, his contract is on the cusp of expiring, potentially giving Good the type of professional freedom he hasn’t had in years.

Unfortunately, as avid MMA enthusiasts have learned in light of Eddie Alvarez’s legal limbo, cutting ties with Bellator could be a tricky prospect. Though Good is open to re-signing with the company, he recently told Fightline he’s anxious to see how things will unfold.

“There’s definitely concern with that. It’s actually sad. It’s pretty f*cked up the whole situation with Eddie Alvarez, especially now that he’s in his prime and he should be fighting right now and they are putting him on the shelf,” admitted the 15-3 Good. “As an observer of all this and being part of Bellator it’s a little disconcerting to see all this happen. We’ll see what happens. We’re going to go to the negotiating table right now and we’ll see what happens next.”

“Cyborg” also confirmed the UFC had already inquired about his deal, perhaps seeing if pursuing the 28-year old striker is a worthwhile endeavor or another fruitless foray.

“There has been word that the UFC had contacted me awhile back, questioning my contract with Bellator right now. My management is dealing with that right now,” said Good. “They’re taking care of it. I just focus on fighting. They take care of the direction that my career is going.”

Good picked up a win over Dante Rivera in April the last time he set foot in the cage. The victory was his fourth in five fights.