UFC welterweight Johny Hendricks secured status as the division’s top contender by beating Carlos Condit at UFC 158. Now, nearly three months removed from the decision win, Hendricks is still waiting for word on when he’ll actually receive a chance to get his hands on champion Georges St-Pierre and getting a little anxious as a result of the radio silence.

Hendricks’ expressed mild confusion about the matter in a recent conversation with MMAMania, shrugging off health issues or St-Pierre’s recent flirtation with Hollywood as the source of the holdup.

“I don’t know what he’s thinking. I’m just waiting on him,” said the 15-1 Hendricks. “He’s the one that has to say ‘Yes, this is the day,’ or whatever. He has to say ‘yes’ is what I’ve heard and understood so far. I just have to wait and see what happens. I’m ready, though, and I’ve been ready for a while now. He wasn’t injured as far as I know. I wish I knew what the hold-up was.”

With St-Pierre’s career possibly winding down, Hendricks wants to make sure he gets his crack at the pound-for-pound great before it’s too late.

“I’d like to say I beat GSP when he was still in his prime. Yes, injuries happen, they happen to everyone, but I still think he’s got it and I’m hoping that he does. I might be biased because I want him to still have it, but I think he does,” responded Hendricks when asked if he felt St-Pierre’s time on the shelf for a torn ACL had made him soft.

With August’s events filling up, UFC President Dana White has only gone on record as saying the bout would not take place in Toronto at UFC 165 (9/21) though September still appears to be a possibility.