There hasn’t been a ton of buzz about this weekend’s bout between UFC light heavyweights Thiago Silva (14-3) and Rafael Cavalcante (11-3). However, it turns out there is more to the match-up than meets the eye. Beyond being noted finishers in need of a win, it turns out the Silva is aiming to settle a personal score with “Feijao” at UFC on Fuel 10 than simply boost his professional standing.

Silva spoke to MMAJunkie about the match-up where he explained Cavalcante had snubbed him as of late despite the two being friendly prior to the pairing. As such, he is ready to put Cavalcante in his place come showtime.

“I get to slap ‘Feijao’ around. I can’t wait,” exclaimed Silva. “When I rain down punches on his face, what is he going to do? I never disrespect anyone before a fight, but he’s talking too much. I want to see what he does when I slap him around like Brandon Vera.”

“If he’s man enough, he’ll meet me in the middle, if not, he can run. Let’s see how he shows up, because he sure is talking a lot,” finished Silva on the topic of tussling with Cavalcante.

Though Silva clearly has his sights set on some sort of vengeance, he also understands he needs to beat Cavalcante in order to secure a spot on the roster.

“That’s one more motivation to win. Because if I lose, at this rate, there’s not much left,” Silva admitted.

Silva has technically lost his last two tilts, though he also beat Vera and Stanislav Nedkov only to have the victories changed to No Contests based on having failed post-fight drug tests. As such, his last official win came in August 2009 when he knocked out Keith Jardine at UFC 102.