NorthEast May Fighter of the Month

From Billy Rondan

Dez Green knocked out UFC veteran Henry Martinez in the second round of their title fight at NEF in Maine just a few weeks ago. The win improved Dez’ record to 9-1, turned the heads of the MMA community, and earned the Team Bombsquad Lightweight our NorthEastMMA Fighter of the Month.

There is no denying Dez Green has pure, raw talent. After a successful wrestling career at the University of Buffalo , he has compiled an impressive 9-1 professional mixed martial arts record with just about one year of MMA training. While most fighters take years to perfect their craft, Green seems well on his way with very little MMA training experience under his belt. With his knockout win over Henry Martinez in the last New England Fights, earning the NEF lightweight championship belt, Dez showcased that he is someone the MMA world should be paying attention to.

“I feel like my hands are coming along great. We actually I’d say about two months ago we just got this new coach…Matt Lee. He came; he actually moved up from Massachusetts to Ithaca and work with our team full time. Since he’s moved up I’ve seen and I’ve felt just my all around game has gotten so much better,” said Dez, and that couldn’t be more evident in the stoppage win over Henry Martinez that earned him the Fighter of the Month.

Dez Green’s MMA game is definitely a work in progress. With already a stellar wrestling game, Dez is training in to round out his skills and make a name for himself in the sport. Coming into the bout with Henry Martinez, Dez did not have a knockout win on his record. Out of his 7 wins six were by decision with one bout ending in a submission; now Dez displayed to everyone watching that his striking game is very much coming along. He has put a lot of time and effort into his game, training in the morning before work and at night after work. “Me and him [Coach Matt] have been doing privates every morning for an hour, at least an hour a day.”

Considering his minimal training, Green has a very promising future in the sport. His wrestling pedigree alone is enough to beat a lot of the top fighters in the region, and now that he is working diligently on all the other aspects of MMA, the sky is the limit. “My coaches do a good job at staying on my case about trying to help me focus more in standup, but also they do a good job at not letting me forget where my strongest point is.”

Now that he is the NEF champion, Dez is looking to stay active and defend his title a couple of more times this year and already has some potential opponents in mind. “I told my manager that I want high level, ex UFC or Bellator guys and make sure I get the proper opportunity.” Should Dez defend his title a couple of more times this year, it shouldn’t be long before the UFC of Bellator come calling for his services.

Dez though, knows he is still learning and growing as a mixed martial artist and he has to keep evolving if he wants to compete against the very best in the world. “I still have a lot of training to do so I’m in no rush”, said Dez about his future. “I’ve been training total for like maybe a year now, which is nothing compared to other guys in the sport.” The more he trains though, the more confidence he gets about facing top competition. “When I first came to Bombsquad last July, I told the coaches, I told everybody I want to be in the UFC in 2 years and everybody kind of laughed at me and said easy there cowboy.” said Dez about his ambitions in the sport (without even a single day of training). “As I started taking fights and as they see my athleticism they are starting to believe, everybody is like ‘your almost there just keep it up’. I’m 9-1 right now. I would say that with 3 or 4 fights (and 3 or 4 wins) I will get a some finishes and hopefully I’ll get a call from Dana or somebody.”

When I asked Dez if there is any particular fighter he would like to face he said, “Yeah but they are all in the UFC.” Before making the jump in to UFC or Bellator, Dez wants to defend his title and get a couple of more bouts in. “I’m in no rush for anything right now…. I really would like to defend my title a couple of more times.” There is one match that does interest Dez, “The only fighter that I do want to fight that is not in the UFC is to the guy I lost to, his name is Rory McDonell. My coach knows I want that rematch too…. I told my coach I’ll fight that guy for free.” We don’t know if his next bout will be against Rory McDonell, but we do know this; Dez Green is definitely someone to keep an eye on, as his talent could be one of the very best this region has produced.