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Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar still not sure UFC Hall of Fame nod is real

Forrest Griffin, Stephan Bonnar still not sure UFC Hall of Fame nod is real

The names Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar will forever be linked based on the impact their Ultimate Fighter Finale match-up had on the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts in general. The entertaining 2005 tilt created countless new fans and sparked a tremendous growth in popularity, bringing MMA into the mainstream.

Fittingly, both men will exit the organization as they entered it – together – as each announced he’d decided to call it a career in recent months and are expected to be enshrined in the UFC Hall of Fame this summer during a Fan Expo attached to UFC 162. That is, unless someone is playing a mean joke on the two affable athletes.

“Well, no one actually called and told me,” joked Bonnar alongside Griffin on Inside MMA.

“It might not be true. I found out on Twitter. I’m gonna real pissed come July if it’s been a prank that somebody on Twitter played on me,” added Griffin.

Griffin also addressed the brewing controversy over putting Bonnar, who never won nor fought for a UFC title and failed two drug tests for PED use, into a group supposedly reserved for the organization’s biggest players. Asked to justify the decision, Griffin stated, “Obviously (the TUF) fight and being in the right place at the right time, pretty much the same as me. I’d rather have good timing than skill any day.”

Bonnar seemed unbothered by the criticism surrounding the decision, simply saying, “If they want to put me in the Hall of Fame, then like my God, what an honor…I never really expected it. Just being a part of the UFC was cool enough.”

The full feature with Griffin/Bonnar can be seen below:

  • JabCrossHook says:

    If they put Bonnar in the HOF it would make the entire idea of a HOF a joke. As the article stated he failed two tests for PEDs and more importantly was never a UFC champ. Griffin was a UFC champ and is responsible for bringing the sport to new levels of popularity so him being in the HOF is justified.


    its danas buddies hall

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Personally I feel that almost any Company specific HOF is a joke

  • MCM says:

    Charles Mask Lewis is in the HOF, at that point, the HOF became a joke to me. Then folks started arguing how influential Mask was to the sport as a whole. How Tapout help launch careers and gave fighters the means to dedicate themselves to the sport full time lending legitimacy to MMA. Mask is in for his contribution to the sport of MMA.

    By that same measure how can anyone argue Against Bonnar’s induction. Dana has stated on numerous occasions how the Griffen/Bonnar fight saved the UFC. That fight still tops the list of most influential MMA fights, not just UFC fights, of all time. Can anyone seriously imagine where the UFC would be without that fight? Can anyone, even the haters, imagine where MMA would be without the UFC? Stephan Bonnar is being inducted not because of his entire career, but because of the impact of one fight that drastically altered the sport and arguably saved MMA. There is a SPORT today due in no small part because of Stephan Bonnar, how is that not HOF worthy?


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