UFC bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey was caught off-guard by the way Miesha Tate was brought in to replace Cat Zingano as a head coach on the Ultimate Fighter 18 but that’s not to say she was upset by the move. In fact, Rousey is thrilled by the attention their rivalry should bring to the show as well as female fighters in general.

“I’m happy that Miesha is here. People were asking for there to be a ‘TUF’ between me and Miesha long before it was announced that there was going to be a women’s ‘Ultimate Fighter,’ and so the demand for this to happen has been there long before this actually manifested,” said Rousey in a recent interview with MMAJunkie.

As it turns out, Rousey doesn’t necessarily dislike Tate despite past indications towards the contrary. Though the two have jawed back and forth since their stints in Strikeforce, it turns out Rousey feels Tate’s longtime beau Bryan Caraway is behind a lot of the issues between them.

“Miesha by herself isn’t that bad. Miesha in combination with her pet boyfriend, Mr. Tate, is frickin’ something else,” cracked Rousey. “She’s different when he’s around. I can’t stand him. I really feel like if she wasn’t with him, she would fight better and she would be a better person.”

“He’s always glued to her hip, because if he’s not next to her, no one ever notices him,” she concluded, also criticizing what she felt was an ignorant approach to the issue of marijuana use in MMA.

Rousey and Caraway have had public issues in the past as well. The most notorious exchange between the two came after Caraway, who is also a UFC bantamweight, took offense to some remarks from Rousey relating to how a potential fight between the two would unfold, stating he would “knock her teeth down her throat the break her arm,” adding, “(if) she’s gonna act like a dude she can deal with the consequences.”