Surefire UFC Hall of Famer B.J. Penn has been on the fence regarding retirement since a one-sided decision loss to Rory MacDonald last December. On one hand, Penn appears to have gas left in the tank and wants to keep competing. On the other, he’s won a single fight in more than three years and he’s not getting any younger.

The fan-favorite provided an update on his mindset in an interview with Gulf News where he didn’t have a clear cut answer on the topic of a future fight but at least provided some insight on why the decision has been so tough.

“I might fight again. I am not actively seeking to fight again but I think I may. I fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship for 13 years; the UFC does not want to see me get hurt I think… so maybe I fight again or maybe not,” said Penn, referring to recent comments from UFC President Dana White calling for “The Prodigy” to call it a career.

A loving father, the 34-year old pointed to his family commitments as another important influence on the direction he’ll ultimately take.

“I would be the first to say that I was never the same fighter after I had kids, after I had my two daughters, I would say that. It’s true. But regarding the injuries and blood…it took my mother a long time to be able to bear and watch it,” he confessed. “If I get injured I don’t like to go home, because I don’t want to my kids to see me hurt because they are going to get scared. In fact, it is all these things that makes me wonder if I have to step away.”

Penn was a champion at both lightweight and welterweight. He holds an overall record of 16-9-2 with wins over Sean Sherk, Diego Sanchez, and Matt Hughes.