It would be easy for UFC lightweight-turned-featherweight Anthony Pettis to psyche himself out while preparing for his date with champion Jose Aldo on August 3 in Brazil. After all, Aldo is 22-1 and hasn’t lost in nearly eight years while beating the best opponents the 145-pound pool had to offer including Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian, Chad Mendes, and most recently Frankie Edgar.

However, Pettis isn’t approaching Aldo as anything more than another adversary, opting to focus on the task in front of him rather than the trail of bodies Aldo has left in his wake. The 26-year old spoke to Bleacher Report about his mindset entering the bout, saying he’s ready for an all-out effort no matter where the action unfolds.

“A fight with Aldo is very intriguing to me. He can explode and he’s a very good athlete. That is why his striking is so good. To be a great striker you have to have a certain level of athleticism and he has that,” elaborated Pettis. “I kind of have an idea of what he is going to be throwing but I’m not going to make it in my head where he is going to do this, this, and that because what if he doesn’t do any of those things?”

“It’s mixed martial arts and we are expecting it all. He does have good takedowns. We’ve seen him take guys down and he’s won rounds that way in the past,” he continued. “We are going to be ready for everything in there.”

No matter how the bout goes, Pettis expects fans to be pleased.

“I think there our styles will make for an exciting fight. I don’t hold back and I let it all out in the cage,” said the 16-2 Pettis confidently. “I think when you fight fearless, that is when you have your best performances.”

The tilt between Aldo-Pettis is scheduled to headline UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro.