UFC President Dana White has been known to fly off the handle at times when upset, and he uses enough profanity to make Seth MacFarlane blush, but that’s not to say the f-bombing head honcho doesn’t know where to draw the line. With the stakes increasingly higher as the UFC continues to grow, White has come to grips with the need to be wary of public perception in terms of breaching the mainstream conscience and, as a result, the organization has implemented a strict “Code of Conduct” policy.

Lightweight Nate Diaz was recently punished for bad behavior after calling fellow fighter Bryan Caraway a “f*g”, a word White is all too familiar with based on his use of it a few years back to describe some media members. The 43-year old executive spoke about both situations in relation to one another during a press conference for UFC 160, explaining it was time for his roster to grow up as he has since making the controversial comments.

“Do you think that I didn’t pay in a million different ways for saying that word? The difference is I’m really sorry for saying it. I am not a homophobe whatsoever. When I said it, I have people that work for us that are gay, I have friends that are gay. It is a word that bothers them and it’s a word that shouldn’t have been said,” said White in a conversation captured by Bleacher Report.

Though White understands where Diaz was coming from based on the term often being used as an insult unrelated to sexual preference, stating, “I had the same argument that Nate had, and I don’t disagree with that argument,” he couldn’t let it fly based on the need for UFC athletes to act like “civil human beings”.

“I am fed up with the bullsh*t. Money makes people f*cking react real quick. Sorry is great. I love a sorry here and there. Sorrys are always good. But when you’ve got to start forking out some cash, you start remembering a lot more,” added White on his reasons for coming down on transgressors. “I’m not going to tell grown men to apologize if they’re really not sorry.”

Diaz was fined $20,000 for his actions and suspended for 90 days.