The 2012 tilt between UFC welterweight Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz left a sour taste in a lot of mouths though no one exited the affair bitterer than the beaten competitor. After losing a closely-contested, semi-controversial decision to Condit, Diaz announced he was sick of MMA and retired on the spot. Though he came back to face champ Georges St-Pierre earlier this year, it seems his score with Condit was never fully settled and could remain without closure if Diaz stays shelved as he’s implied he will without the right match-up.

Though it’s hard to know if Diaz would be willing to back off his adamance regarding a rematch with GSP or shot at Anderson Silva, it looks like Condit is at least open to the thought of another clash with the polarizing pugilist. As “The Natural Born Killer” explained in a recent interview with MMAJunkie Radio, he’s looking to land a high-profile pairing and is tired of people criticizing his methodical outpointing of Diaz in their original encounter.

“I want to be in good fights with a lot of hype and a lot of buzz, and a rematch with Diaz and myself would interest a lot of folks,” said Condit, adding, “The fight was a close fight. It was a decision. So I think we could put on a good show. It goes without saying that there was a lot of controversy after the fight. Just putting that to rest would be another reason I would like to fight.”

Condit evaded the majority of Diaz’s attacks when they met, employing a point-fighting approach rather than the all-out attack he usually displays in the cage. The 28-7 Condit has finished 26 of the opponents he’s beaten but is on a two-fight slide, losing to Johny Hendricks in his last effort. Diaz has also come up short in his last two tilts but holds an overall record of 26-9 with eleven consecutive victories prior to the rough patch.