If UFC light heavyweight Chael Sonnen doesn’t want to fight Wanderlei Silva anymore he has a funny way of showing it. Though Sonnen recently shrugged off a rumored rumble with “The Axe Murderer” based on the deal not being almost immediately agreed to, he isn’t backing off his continuous stream of insults directed at the Brazilian brawler.

Sonnen’s latest verbal tirade came on this week’s edition of UFC Tonight where he touched on the fight’s failure to materialize.

“I gave Wanderlei a timeline and he didn’t meet it. In his defense, I can’t expect him to understand time,” Sonnen cracked. “He’s going to have to wait outside a third grade classroom, wait until it clears out, sit with the teacher, have her get out a book and show him the clock with the left hand.”

“Once he gets a grasp on time, I’m going to teach him about space, which is exactly where I’m going to send him with the same spinning wheel kick I taught Luke Rockhold out at Stone Cold’s ranch three weeks ago,” Sonnen concluded, adding, “I can’t expect Wanderlei to know the word ultimatum when he doesn’t even know the word sandwich.”

Based on the rant, it is evident his openness to a showdown with Silva still exists. The two have been at each others’ throats for years dating back a few years to some harsh words Sonnen had about Brazilians in general.

A bout between Sonnen-Silva been linked to UFC on FS 1 as the evening’s headliner. The card is scheduled for August 17 in Boston.