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Mark Hunt “still waiting” for visa

Mark Hunt “still waiting” for visa

During a conference call with media last week, a UFC official expressed confidence heavyweight Mark Hunt would receive clearance for a visa in time to take on Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 with the “Super Samoan” offering similar sentiments. Hunt has been stuck at home in New Zealand for the past few weeks based on a decade-old arrest interfering with his ability to travel to Las Vegas for the May 25 match-up.

Though it was initially thought Hunt might be on a plane as early as this weekend, the 39-year old recently revealed he wouldn’t be departing for a few more days if not longer.

“I’m still waiting. I think I should be getting one on Monday. Hopefully Monday,” said Hunt in a conversation with the Nevada Athletic Commission captured by MMAFighting.

Also noteworthy, Roy Nelson was licensed to fight Dos Santos at the same NAC meeting in case he’s called upon to fill in for Hunt. However, he is said to be holding out for more money before completely committing to the tilt.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    It’s not looking promising then, waiting til Monday cuts into his weight cut week. And if Big Country really is trying to milk more money out of this, that’ll just piss Dana off even more

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Definitely not looking promising for Hunt. Seems the visa thing is unlikely to get sorted out with less than a week to go. And at this point, even if Hunt makes it over to the U.S., it’s gonna be under circumstances that are far from ideal… dude will be in the air for ~15 hours, covering several thousands of miles, and that takes a toll on the body. Plus the weight cut like AO mentioned… you wouldn’t think a 5’10” dude would have to shed much weight given the 265-lb limit, but in his most recent bout he tipped the scales at 266 so he’ll apparently have to shed at least some weight. All in the midst of fight week where there will be media obligations and plenty of other distractions I’m sure.

    Hunt wasn’t going to win anyway, but now it’s starting to become ridiculous. I guess I still hope the fight happens as planned, but my expectations are pretty low for this one.

    And the prospect of Roy filling in isn’t any better. We’ve already watch JDS put a beating on Roy not that long ago. But if I’m Roy, I’m absolutely holding out for more money. It’s just part of business. He’s riding a 3-fight winning streak, and considering he turns 37 next month this is very likely the last time he’ll he a hot commodity. Taking a fight on short notice against JDS is going to derail things and be the beginning of the end for Roy, so if he’s gonna do it he better make damn sure he’s getting paid handsomely.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    Is it smart of Big Country to ask for more money? Yes. Will it make Dana happy that Roy is looking out for himself instead of just jumping at the chance to help out the UFC whenever Dana says so? No.


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