Though there’s no doubt UFC middleweight Chris Weidman would love to be in champion Anderson Silva’s shoes as the division’s top fighter and an all-around legend, chances are the 28-year old won’t be mistaken for “The Spider” anytime soon given the differences in their appearances and overall demeanor. However, for a few seconds at least, Weidman was at least willing to pretend, doing an impression of Silva during a series of rapid fire questions on UFC Tonight.

Weidman not only shimmied in a style similar to Silva’s, but he also imitated Silva’s high-pitched voice with a helium-like accuracy.

Silva and Weidman are set to square off on July 6 at UFC 162. Weidman will enter the outing with a 9-0 record and wrestling background sure to give Silva fits, though not necessarily of laughter as may be the case with his recent attempt at comedy.

The full clip with Weidman can be seen below: