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Antonio Silva: “The first punch that I really land, he’s going to go down.”

Antonio Silva: “The first punch that I really land, he’s going to go down.”

UFC heavyweight Antonio Silva understands why he’s an underdog entering his May 25 match-up with divisional king Cain Velasquez. Not only has he seen how their 2012 tilt unfolded, but he lived it. However, though Silva is entering their UFC 160 scrap with the same physical tools and overall approach to victory, the big Brazilian has a new mindset he feels will be key to coming away from the bout with a belt.

“I think the main thing is in our first fight I was nervous and I was anxious. And I have replaced those emotions now,” said Silva during a recent conference call with media. “Now I’m calm and I’m driven. I really want this.”

MMAJunkie was on the line and able to capture the comments.

When it came to the actual clash, “Bigfoot” remained realistic about his abilities in comparison to the champ’s but didn’t shy away from offering up a bold prediction.

“Comparing my style of fighting to Cain’s style of fighting, I would have to be born again to become faster than Cain Velasquez. I’ve got 30 pounds on him. He’s going to be faster than me. So I need to work with what I have, and what I have is very, very heavy hands,” explained the excited Silva. “So, I’m going to need to keep my hands healthy and heavy to go in there and I’m sure that the first punch that I really land, he’s going to go down.”

The 18-4 Silva has stopped fourteen of his past foes with strikes including Fedor Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem. Meanwhile, Velasquez’s only loss to date involved a knockout at the hands of Silva’s good friend and training partner, Junior dos Santos.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Silva understands his problem. Cain is much faster, especially when it comes to takedowns. Maybe Silva has heavier hands, but I don’t think he can stuff Cain’s takedowns, and Silva can’t punch from his back. I’ve got nothing against Silva, but I’m taking Cain all the way. TKO or KO in the first round.

  • AlphaOmega says:

    I’m rooting for Silva once again, really like Bigfoot

  • Creature says:

    Speed kills, and Cain will show that once again. 2nd Round KO.

  • darth_irritable says:

    Bigfoot seems like a decent guy, and it was a delight to watch him drop Overroid, but no way does he take this.

  • davis says:

    No disrespect to Silva. I really like his attitude and loved seeing him King Kong Overeem but the first match looked like a lawnmower running over someone and I see it going this way again. I don’t think he stops the takedown.

  • MCM says:

    He’s absolutely right. One solid punch and it’s night night for Cain. But landing that solid punch is the problem. I doubt we see Big Foot throw out a low kick as his first strike like he did in the previous fight, but like everyone else, I don’t see him stopping the takedown.


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