Bellator welterweight champ Ben Askren has never been afraid to speak his mind despite the risk of upsetting fans, fellow fighters, or even his employers. Though a commendable trait, Askren’s latest comments couldn’t have come at a worse time for Bellator given their added impact on the company’s crumbling reputation.

“Just read (an) article on why Bellator fighters don’t fail drug tests. Hard to fail a test when you don’t take it. Only been tested once,” exclaimed the 11-0 Askren on Twitter. “Don’t really care that we aren’t tested because cheaters will cheat no matter what! Just thought the article was really silly.”

Though Askren’s admission is eye-opening it doesn’t necessarily mean his peers have been tested with similar infrequency. However, given that Askren has fought for Bellator eight times, having been screened for banned substances less than 13% of the time he’s fought under the organization’s banner isn’t exactly a vote of confidence either.

Bellator has taken fire over the past few weeks for allegations pertaining to an ongoing legal case involving Eddie Alvarez in addition to statements  from Leonard Garcia’s camp about the promotion covering up an offer after Garcia expressed disinterest in signing it during a recent interview.

Officials have yet to comment on Askren’s remarks.