Sports enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with an athlete having the “heart of a lion”. However, in the case of UFC welterweight Dan Hardy, the “heart of a wolf” is more applicable. The 30-year old was recently diagnosed with a condition known as Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome where a secondary heartbeat is present.

The discovery has put Hardy’s career in jeopardy and, as he recently explained on the Joe Rogan Experience, he isn’t keen on getting the surgery currently required for receiving clearance to compete.

“What they’re telling me at the moment, I’ve got to go back and get some more tests done for like a second opinion with a different person, but basically the way I understand it right now is if I want to continue fighting, to get cleared, I have to have the ablation. But because I’ve never had any symptoms, and I’m perfectly fine, I don’t see the point in letting someone go in and start burning my ass,” said Hardy. “If it was causing a problem and that’s the solution then I would have it done, but it’s not.”

Ablation is a process where doctors remove tissue through corrosive means.

In the conversation, captured by MMAWeekly, “The Outlaw” made it clear he doesn’t want to retire but will if going under the knife is his only option.

“I want to get cleared to fight. I would like to be able to fight again,” Hardy explained before adding, “I don’t see the point in having a surgery done if I have to have it done to carry on fighting. It just seems pointless to me.”

Hardy hasn’t fought since a September outpointing of Amir Sadollah. The win improved his overall record to 25-10 and was his sixth in the Octagon.