The ongoing dispute between lightweight Eddie Alvarez and Bellator is growing uglier by the day. Though things started out as a fairly civil disagreement about Alvarez’s contractual obligations, the situation has since turned into a fight filled with name-calling, finger-pointing, and promises of lengthy litigation.

Alvarez recently fired a shot across the bow accusing Bellator of tweaking an offer in hopes of fooling his management. Rather than stay quiet and wait for things to play out in court, CEO Bjorn Rebney decided to address Alvarez’s assertion by saying it was categorically false.

“He needs to stop saying things that aren’t true and aren’t accurate, and at which point if he admits what he said is untrue, then we’ll re-engage with him. Until that time, we’ll just see this thing through trial,” said Rebney in an interview with MMAJunkie.

“I have an enormous problem with somebody spreading completely untrue statements and lying about a situation. That’s where the issue comes from, and there’s a series of things he’s said as of late – literally the last few days, starting with the statements he made on the sixth, when he said point-blank that we had manipulated documents and changed wording and had put him in a horrible position and that we had changed terms in the early release letter versus what was in the contract,” he continued. “Nothing was changed. ‘Material terms’ language was never added. It is not part of that final document that was signed. That is just false. That isn’t a misunderstanding. That is not, ‘Oh, I misunderstood what you said,’ or, ‘I misconstrued what you said.’ That is just a completely untrue and false statement. That’s what makes me nuts because when you look at it, all of those documents are with the court.”

Rebney went on to explain he understood why the public had taken up Alvarez’s cause but was confident the facts would ultimately prove Bellator had been in the right since the beginning. The two sides are expected to face off in court later this year.