Fans got an unwelcome dose of news this week when UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt revealed his journey from New Zealand to the United States for a fight with Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 had been delayed due to a visa issue. Hunt went on to explain he’d been arrested years ago and was now paying the price for his legal transgression, leaving some fans to wonder if he would be forced to withdraw from the match-up as a result.

The 39-year old elaborated on the situation in a recent conversation with MMAFighting where he explained the arrest came more than a decade ago under shady circumstances and wasn’t likely to keep him grounded much longer now that the UFC’s team was on top of things.

“A friend of mine punched another friend outside a club. Another guy said to me that they needed help. I went out to see what had happened. I see that these two losers were (drunk). I try to go back in the club and an undercover cop said I wasn’t allowed. I said, ‘Can I just go back in to get my girl?’ He says, ‘No’. I ask him again, he says, ‘I’ll tell you one more time you’re under arrest.’ Guess what? I ask again, he flicks his baton; I get upset,” explained Hunt. “So, he has his baton in his left hand, and I walk up to him. He maces me with his right hand, and they jump me. I wasn’t even drunk. I spent New Year’s in jail for public intoxication, and I wasn’t even drunk.”

“The fight is not in jeopardy at all from my end. Unless some evil power is at work, I should be out tonight,” he concluded, offering assurance to those concerned about his immediate future.

Hunt is currently on a four-fight winning streak in the Octagon including success against Cheick Kongo, Ben Rothwell, and Stefan Struve. He is likely in line for a title-shot if victorious against Dos Santos.