For the last six years, featherweight Leonard Garcia has drawn a paycheck from Zuffa as a member of WEC and the UFC. However, the 33-year old was released this week after suffering his fifth straight stumble inside the Octagon. With new professional home on the horizon, Garcia has also decided to change up his camp as well in hopes of helping him re-ignite his career and make it back to the big show for one final run.

Garcia spoke to MMAFighting recently and revealed he was moving out to California to work with Team Alpha Male for awhile instead of staying stagnant at Greg Jackson’s gym.

“Just being the new guy in the room is going to help me a lot, because it’s something different. It’s a style I’ve never seen. Their style is unfamiliar to me. I don’t know all their tricks like I do at Jackson’s. Like, we know each other so well at Jackson’s, and I think that’s caused me to become flat,” explained Garcia of the new environment. “I talked it over with both camps and they’re both okay with it. I feel like this is a move that should’ve been a long time ago, but it takes situations like this to make it happen.”

Regarding his future under a new organization’s banner, Garcia pointed to World Series of Fighting as a frontrunner rather than Bellator.

“The good offers have come from World Series of Fighting. I believe Bellator made an offer, and I haven’t asked to hear it yet because my intentions are to come back to the UFC. I feel if I go to Bellator, I’ll never come back. That’s one of things where I’m not sure that I’m ready to hear an offer from them,” admitted Garcia. “I need to go back to a small show and realize how good I had it, and really, really want it. That’s something I think I had lost, because now I have it. Now I’m looking for fights. Now I’m calling different people to train.”

“Bad Boy” holds an overall record of 15-11-1 including nine wins featuring some form of finish. Among his notable past victories are those over Jens Pulver, Hiroyuki Takaya, and Chan Sung Jung.