Taste buds were tantalized a little less than a year ago when the UFC announced it had signed a deal with EA Sports to create a video game franchise, pairing the world’s foremost MMA organization with a company known for releasing a number of immensely popular sports titles. However, no date was announced relating to when the game would actually drop. While that hasn’t changed, fans now know when the game WON’T come out.

During a conference call with media, an Electronic Arts executive listed off eleven games planned for release before March 31, 2013, none of which were the UFC title. He also labeled any product not mentioned as being “still in development”.

Joystiq was first to report the game’s omission.

Previously the UFC had partnered with THQ to release three games under the Undisputed brand. EA Sports also released a MMA game years back with a focus on fighters outside of the UFC including an emphasis on Strikeforce talent.

PHOTO CREDIT – Electronic Arts/UFC