UFC lightweight Donald Cerrone is by all accounts a legitimate bad ass. He owns a working ranch, has dated an Octagon girl, is an avid outdoorsman, and happens to be one of the best 155ers in Mixed Martial Arts to boot. However, for some reason, he can’t seem capitalize when the stakes are highest.

Cerrone has lost out on two title-shots since joining the UFC’s roster, performing poorly in both despite looking razor sharp in rumbles leading up to the respective bouts. After falling to Anthony Pettis in January at UFC on FOX 6, Cerrone came to grips with his circumstances and decided to do something about it.

“There was so much wrong going on in my head. I remember looking across the ring like, dang, I done pissed him off and he’s comin’ hard,” said Cerrone in an interview with MMAFighting.

“It sucks. It really sucks losing, especially a fight like that. That’s my second time being up there for contendership and losing, going back to the end of the pile,” he continued of his mindset after the loss. “Emotionally you don’t want to talk to anybody. You don’t want to hear about it. You don’t want to see it. I remember going over to my grandma’s. We’re watchin’ it one time then we’re deleting it off the DVR and not talking about it again.”

Never one to back down from a challenge, Cerrone decided to follow in the footsteps of welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and bring in a specialist, though not the kind well-versed in grappling or stand-up techniques, with his sights set on getting over the hump.

“It’s like, I don’t know if it’s the camera or the pressure, but I’ve got to figure that out. Whatever makes me fight hard to get there, and then I seem to, like, fold under pressure. I don’t know. I’m tryin’ to [figure it out]. I got a new sports psychologist tryin’ to work those kinks out,” Cerrone revealed.

“Cowboy” will have a chance to see if the move pays off when he collides with K.J. Noons later this month at UFC 160. Cerrone will enter the bout with a 19-5 record including fifteen finishes.