Bart-Palaszewski - MMAWEEKLYThe UFC has been trimming fat from the roster as of late and doesn’t appear to be slowing down as seven new names have been attached to the list of those recently axed by the organization based on performance. Topping the list are longtime employees Leonard Garcia (15-11-1) and Bart Palaszewski (36-17) who both called WEC home for years before transitioning over to the UFC.

Garcia earned a reputation as one of the featherweight division’s most entertaining competitors due to his all-out, brawling style. However, the approach wasn’t necessarily conducive to success with “Bad Boy” dropping six of his last seven scraps including five straight.

Meanwhile, Palaszewski had come up short three tilts in a row including an opening round submission to Cole Miller in his most recent rumble. In the wake of his termination from the roster, Palaszewski took to Twitter where he thanked the organization for his opportunity and said he was in the process of figuring out his next move.

Their profiles, along with those belonging to Issei Tamura (7-4), Justin Lawrence (4-2), Reuben Duran (8-5-1), Sam Sicilia (11-3), and Kurt Holobaugh (9-2), were removed from the UFC’s website as is typically the case when fighters are cut. All of the fighters who were released were coming off consecutive losses in multiple match-ups.

Bloody Elbow was first to report the change.