Daniel-Cormier-Josh-Barnett - MMAWEEKLYUFC heavyweight Daniel Cormier has been very vocal about his interest in slimming down to 205 pounds for eventual action against champion Jon Jones. While it’s certainly an intriguing thought, the unbeaten Olympian was still north of 230 when he clocked in on the scale for an April outing and is not in position to make an immediate move.

However, Cormier’s days as a light heavyweight may be closer than originally thought. According to the American Kickboxing Academy staple, he is confident he can make his divisional debut before the end of 2013 and doesn’t want to take time off either.

“I cannot drop massive amounts of weight any more. My body will not allow it to happen. Can I diet down and make the weight? Yes. Do I want to take six months to do it? Yes. Do I want to not fight during that time? No chance,” point-blanked Cormier in an interview with Bloody Elbow. “Heavyweight is anything over 206 pounds. Anybody over 206 pounds can be a fight for me, on my way down to 205.”

“Could I fight at 205 in November? Yes. Could I fight at 205 in August? No. I could fight at 220 in August,” he continued. “Even if I’m fighting a 250 pound guy, it doesn’t matter. I could be 220 and still be in the cage, getting experience as I’m making my way down. 220 is the perfect weight, because when I’m cut to 205, I’ll be 220 the next night in the cage.”

Cormier concluded by adding assurance that his desire to chase down the belt currently around Jones’ waist is extremely real.

“I’m not backing out of this,” he stated. “I would love to fight for the championship, but I need time, and I don’t want to be inactive while I diet down. I’ve only been active for a short period of time, and I don’t have time to waste. I’m 34 years old, and I need to be in the cage. I’ve just got to be fighting as I’m doing the move down.”

The 12-0 Cormier made a victorious Octagon debut at UFC on FOX 7 where he outpointed Frank Mir. He also holds past wins over Antonio Silva and Josh Barnett.